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What is a "DORS Interface"?

Many citizens are victims of crimes where there is little, if any, information available with which to pursue an investigation. In many of these cases, the only thing that can be provided to a citizen is a Crime Report that they can then provide to their insurance company.

LexisNexis/CopLogic has created a "Desk Officer Reporting System" product that allows citizens to file online non-emergency crime reports and obtain a Crime Report immediately with minimal intervention by an officer.

Data Detection Group offers a DORS Interface that can take the electronic information captured by DORS and import that information directly into a San Diego County Motorola Solutions' NetRMS system. The interface creates a fully NIBRS-compliant Case folder, Call for Service, and Case Report, automatically approves the Case Report, and forwards the Case for further investigation to the appropriate investigative unit.

This eliminates the manual data entry and facilitates investigative use of the crime information.

For more information, contact Data Detection Group.

Note that this is only available for NetRMS systems in San Diego County, and there are some restrictions on the types of crimes that can be reported through this interface.

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